4 Years

I like being anonymous, it provides me with false security from criticism. But really, please judge my writing.

You are right its unfair that people are treated differently.  That some stories are told more than others.  That people get away with murder.  But when you start to pass judgement when you weren’t there, just because you are so sure sure the evidence stacks up against them.   Well then one day you’ll slip up and point a figure in the wrong direction and contribute to the unfairness of the world. If you weren’t there then you never can know what really happened. if you aren’t the people in the situation you can  never really understand what happened.

No one is “themselves” when they first make a friend. We just wait and hope that when we finally reveal who we really are, that the person we call a friend will accept us. And if not we suck it up and continue as the person we were when we first met, even if it isn’t our-self. Because we still want to be friends and the greatest catch is that they don’t notice this is all happening.

“The only time you learn anything from a mistake is when your the one who made it.”


Without the laws of our emotions to contain us we lose all morals.  We gain the ability of having no remorse.  All is that is left is a drifting hollow empty shell.  The shell itself can only be cold and calculating in its manners.  The shell becomes an outcast.  To be able to be accepted in our society of emotions you have to be capable of caring or possessing feelings.  The shell has lost all its connections and can not communicate.  Even more no one can understand it and in the process become prejudice.  We need to care.  We need our emotions to survive.  Without them we are dead.

Lack of Emotions

The idea of no emotions is a different idea to me.  It is not the lack of emotions because that would have to mean something was physically wrong.  No it is not as much that the feelings aren’t there but that they hold no value anymore.  The bottom line is that no emotions mean that the emotions don’t matter. Nothing matters.  To the person it is like there is nothing worth caring about.  It is an emptiness that can’t be filled or satisfied by any means.  No emotions lead to no morals and even less remorse.  It is cold and calculating.  To be able to be accepted in society you have to feel and care.  It is the only way to communicate and understand the rest of the world.

“The kind of talk where you share everything and you forget what’s a secret and just show that glimpse of the real you.”


Ever had an inspiration where you just wanted to do something right then and there.  Like it’s the greatest idea in the world and nothing can stop you, least of all any kind of reasoning.  But somewhere in the back of your mind you know that it’ll pass and you’ll forget about it.  That’s what I got right now.  I can’t think of anything better to do with my time.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be too lazy to continue on.  Then again I could actually for once follow through with something.